Modular Synchronization Systems

Designed to meet the needs of today’s demanding and complex communications infrastructures, Microsemi’s Modular Distribution Systems support an extensive variety of input references, oscillators, output frequencies, and input/output interface styles with powerful network based management tools and complete power supply plans.



TimeSource 3550

TimeSource 3550 Primary reference source High precision timing antenna with integrated GPS receiver Timing accuracy of 100 ns when locked to GPS Rubidium holdover T1, E1, 2.048 MHz, and 10 MHz inputs and outputs 1 PPS and TOD output ports Download datasheets Link:

SSU 2000 and SSU 2000e

Superior synchronization signals for advanced network services High capacity, modular system Integrated GNSS (GPS and GLONASS), Primary Reference Clock E1, T1, Composite Clock, RS-422 outputs Comm R card has NTP client functionality Performance monitoring on all inputs   Download datasheets Link:

TimeSource Enhanced PRTC (ePRTC)

Enhanced Primary Reference Time Clock Provides autonomous time scale for time, phase and frequency that operates even without GNSS availability Exceeds requirements as defined by ITU G.8272.1 Operates with one or two Cesium clock inputs Incorporate Rubidium Miniature Atomic Clock (MAC) Designed for integration with multiple TimeProvider 5000 Grandmasters  …


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RF Test

RF Test & Measurement is a new business direction of Narda Safety Test Solutions that includes analyzers and devices for monitoring the radio spectrum, measuring and identifying RF sources.

EMF Safety

Learn more about the four EMF Safety categories: Wideband EMF, Selective EMF, Personal Safety EMF, Area Monitoring and Simulation.