Frequency Standards & Frequency References

Cesium beam frequency and time standard instruments from Microsemi meet the most stringent requirements demanded by commercial, military and space applications. Our Cesium instruments are built to provide stand-alone dependability, ease of use, and ease of installation. A three decade legacy of reliability makes them the preferred choice in the critical time or frequency systems found in telecommunications timing, calibration and metrology laboratories, satellite tracking stations and spaced-based master time standards.



8040C and 8040CLN

8040C/8040CLN Rubidium Frequency References 6 or 12 Configurable Outputs RF & Pulse Outputs Low Phase Noise Multiple Output Signal Formats Remote Monitoring & Control Link:


Cesium Frequency Standards and Beam Tubes Frequency Accuracy up to ±5e-13 Long Term Stability up to 1e-14 Up to 6 RF, 3 PPS outputs and 2 1PPS inputs Battery backup, Ethernet and Telecom connectivity available 10-year warranty on standard tubes (5 year on high performance) Link:


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RF Test

RF Test & Measurement is a new business direction of Narda Safety Test Solutions that includes analyzers and devices for monitoring the radio spectrum, measuring and identifying RF sources.

EMF Safety

Learn more about the four EMF Safety categories: Wideband EMF, Selective EMF, Personal Safety EMF, Area Monitoring and Simulation.