Enterprise Network Time Servers,
GPS Instruments

Microsemi designs and manufactures precision time and frequency products for synchronizing today’s complex computer, communications, and instrumentation systems. Our comprehensive range of network time servers make it possible for an enterprise’s systems to be automatically and accurately synchronized to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), thereby enabling companies to ensure the integrity of computer operations.




BlueSky GNSS Firewall Protects GPS systems from spoofing and jamming Integrates between existing GPS antenna and receiver Optional MAC (Miniature Atomic Clock) or external 1PPS and 10MHz timing reference inputs for extended holdover Remote CLI in addition to secure and easy-to-use web interface Centralized control and BlueSky Performance Monitoring using…

SyncServer S600 – Network Time Server NTP și PTP

SyncServer S600 Ultra High Bandwidth NTP Servers Four standard GbE Ports plus two 10 GbE SFP+ Ports Option 360,000 time stamps per second Web based protection with high security cipher suite MiFID II ready Download Datasheet Download Options Link: https://www.microsemi.com/product-directory/enterprise-network-time-servers/4117-syncserver-s600

SyncServer S80 – GPS NTP Time Server complet integrat

SyncServer S80 Security-hardened Stratum 1 NTP server Fully Ruggedized and Integrated GPS/GLONASS receiver, NTP Server & PoE Network Interface 100 nanosecond time stamp accuracy 500 NTP time stamps per second (1000 optional) Stationary or moving platforms (auto or sea borne) Download Model Comparison Download Datasheet Link: https://www.microsemi.com/product-directory/enterprise-network-time-servers/4677-syncserver-s80

Services & Support

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RF Test

RF Test & Measurement is a new business direction of Narda Safety Test Solutions that includes analyzers and devices for monitoring the radio spectrum, measuring and identifying RF sources.
With portable equipment designed for field application but also solution tailored for indoor use, in labs or surveillance centers, Narda equipment is useful for both civilian and military specific area, as it handles a wide range of diffrent applications depending by the case.

EMF Safety

Learn more about the 4 EMF Safety categories: Wideband EMF, Selective EMF, Personal Safety EMF, Area Monitoring and Simulation.