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If you desire to learn more stuff about test & measurements instruments, or if you want to improve your business, you need an reliable partner, a partner with extensive industry experience, who will daily demonstrate new and innovative ideas, a partner who can understand you and your aspirations and which will work with you shoulder to shoulder to help you reach the next level of performance and business success. Our consultants deliver superior skills in analyzing business needs, identifying technical options to meet those needs, as well as support for any other business or technological challenges that you have in front of you with adequate advice on how to increase productivity and to be ahead of your competition. We can help you introduce new technologies, quickly and efficiently.

technical support

Telecom Instruments skilled engineers are capable to provide offsite and onsite technical support on all equipment and systems of our principals. Technical support is provided in warranty and after warranty period, subject to support and maintenance contract. We are able to provide through our partners standard hardware support, for all equipment andsystems offered in our portfolio.
You can reach our technical support team by phonecall or email.


Manufacturer guaranties for all technical characteristics specified in instrument’s datasheet for the calibration period, delivering Certificate of Calibration together with equipment. After calibration period,Telecom Instruments provides technical characteristics checking, compatibility with standards and setting on reference values in limits defined by manufacturer’s technical specifications. Depending on equipment type, calibration can be performed in the manufacturer’s laboratory or in an independent laboratory. Depending on your request and type of equipment, we can offer you factory calibration or acredited calibration (ISO17025). After calibration, customer receives a new, valid Certificate of Calibration.

Manufacturer's services

Telecom Instruments through local office performs inspection and minor repairs of the equipment. In case of major fault detection the equipment will be sent for service to the Manufacturer Service Centers. All repairs are done on a high level of professionalism with original parts and we ensure the customer that the instrument will work as new after it will be returned.


Telecom Instruments togeder with our principals’ experts provide technology, operation or administration trainings for handling with instruments and systems, locally or abroad depending on customer needs. All participants who successfully complete training will get training Certificates. Beside trainings, Telecom Instruments organizes technology seminars and education in order to transfer knowledge and experience of our principals and introduce customers with new technologies and solutions implemented in world leading operators.


Telecom Instruments leases certain measurement equipment for defined time period with basic operation training. Renting equipment belongs to Ibis Instruments demo stock or can be ordered from our principals’ stocks and be available in very near time. Renting service includes basic operation training and optionally is available technical support service provided by Telecom Instruments technical team during renting period.

EMF Safety

EMF Safety as a product business segment of Narda Safety Test Solution is covering the wideband and frequency selective measuring instruments, full coverage wide area monitors, and personal safety monitors that are worn on the person.
The products are tailored to specific market requirements and are ideal for the stated purpose. The standard is kept by consistently updating our existing range of products and developing new technology and solutions.

RF Test

RF Test & Measurement is a new business direction of Narda Safety Test Solutions that includes analyzers and devices for monitoring the radio spectrum, measuring and identifying RF sources.
With portable equipment designed for field application but also solution tailored for indoor use, in labs or surveillance centers, Narda equipment is useful for both civilian and military specific area, as it handles a wide range of diffrent applications depending by the case.

Timing and Synchronization

Timing and synchronization is indispensable in our increasingly digital, networked world. Precise, accurate time enables virtually all infrastructures such as data centers, wired and wireless communications, financial exchanges, industrial networks, smart power grid, and other secure communications.
With Microsemi end-to-end timing solutions we generate, distribute and apply precise time to multiple industries, including communications, aerospace/defense, IT infrastructure, financial services, industrial and more.

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