RF Direction Finding, Localization and Interference Hunting

Handheld RF direction finding signal analyzers are ideal for tracing accidental, illegal, or deliberate interference or potentially dangerous signal sources.



ADFA 2 – Antena DF automată

Full automatic DF antenna - Frequency range 10 MHz to 8 GHz Built-in phase shifter and switch matrix Direction finding method › Watson-Watt and correlative interferometer Built-in electronic compass Built-in GNSS receiver with antenna and PPS output Diameter: 480 mm Download datasheet and brochure Link: https://www.narda-sts.com/en/signalshark-remote-analyzer/adfa-2-df-antenna/


Light, portable signal analyzer for detecting, analyzing and localizing RF signals and interference Frequency range: 9 kHz to 6 GHz Very fast with a sweep rate of 12 GHz/s Extremly low noise figure of 7dB DANL < -167 dBm/Hz Built in GPS-Receiver, Electronic Compass and Integrated Maps   Download brochure…


Signal Analyzer for Detection, Analysis, Classification and Localization of RF Signals between 8 kHz and 8 GHz. Extremely high Sweep Rate of up to 40 GHz/s 40 MHz Real-Time instantaneous bandwidth High Time Resolution Spectrogram Powerful, live persistence spectrum to find hidden signals Full automatic Direction Finding and High Dynamic…

Services & Support

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RF Test

RF Test & Measurement is a new business direction of Narda Safety Test Solutions that includes analyzers and devices for monitoring the radio spectrum, measuring and identifying RF sources.
With portable equipment designed for field application but also solution tailored for indoor use, in labs or surveillance centers, Narda equipment is useful for both civilian and military specific area, as it handles a wide range of diffrent applications depending by the case.

EMF Safety

Learn more about the 4 EMF Safety categories: Wideband EMF, Selective EMF, Personal Safety EMF, Area Monitoring and Simulation.